Hey Everyone! While I was supposed to be looking for holiday looks the other day, I had scrolled past these neon green mules. I tried to stay focused on my holiday outfit search but I started getting some inspiration from movies that I used to watch as a child. Now Read more.
Conquering Gravity in the Gravitissima
The Gravitissima, the newest boot in my collection. Can you say fabulous or what ? I died when I saw these boots in the store. Of course, I had to try them on and before you know it, they were in a shopping bag. The boots have a 4 inch Read more.
25 The Year To Thrive
On November 20th a star was born! Jk, it was just me haha. I didn’t get to finish my birthday post on my birthday so here it is now… a week later. I turned 25 on the 20th and I usually don’t celebrate odd numbers because I feel like they’re bad Read more.
DIY Flowered Boots From Zara
Have y’all ever come up with a creative idea in a bubble bath while drinking a wine? Well, I have! It seems to me that sometimes all my ideas for coming up with outfits have popped in my mind when I’m relaxing in my bubble bath after work with a Read more.
First Shein Purchase
You ever feel like you always order from the same websites? If you agree, then you know how I felt when I wanted to try out a new website. The website I decided to try out was I’ve always seen advertisements of Shein and I’ve seen local bloggers wearing Read more.
Recreating Zendaya’s Look On A Budget Friendly Way
When I came back from NY, I was laying on my couch trying to come up with ideas for my next blog post. I was looking through my blog notebook (yes, I have a notebook for my blog ideas) and I came across an idea I wrote down months ago. Read more.
New York Fashion Week
Hey Everyone! This past weekend I got to go to NY! Now I used to go when I was little but this time I finally got to visit as an adult and by myself. Have you ever gotten a feeling of knowing you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be? Well Read more.
Vintage Haul
A while ago, I was looking for some new vintage places to shop because usually I order from Clositherapi Vintage and sometimes you want to try the pieces on before even buying them, ya know ? I was scrolling through Instagram and happened to find The House of Findings (of Read more.
New In My Wardrobe
About a week or so ago, I took a trip to the mall because the mall is always a must! No, I’m just joking haha! I actually went because I felt like every time I walked into my closet, I was looking at the same old stuff like nothing was Read more.
Oceans Deep Swimwear
Oceans Deep Swimwear is a local Miami swimwear brand started by Christina Alonzo. The brand has everything from bikinis to one pieces. They have all types of fun prints such as palm trees, lemons, etc. and outside of prints they do have three colors: black, white and denim. When purchasing from Read more.