5 Tips For Shopping Online

Shopping in store can be such a hassle time, especially if you have a family or maybe you just hate going to the mall. That’s why there’s online shopping! Browse, click, add to cart and pay! As an avid online shopper, I felt as though it was necessary to give some online shopping tips. Here’s 5 tips for shopping online:

  1. Create A List of What You Need: It’s better to online shop when you have a sense of what you’re looking, especially when it comes to clothes, shoes, etc. When you have a list of things you need, you only add those things to their cart (you may save a few items here and there, but as long as you’re not adding them.)
  2. Make Sure The Website Is Secure: This is super important! To make sure the website is secure, you need to verify that the website has a privacy policy, look for the brand’s contact information, and a simple one is look for the “s” in the website’s url “https…” Those are few ways to make a note if a website is secure.
  3. Search For Discount/Coupon Codes: A lot of influencers have discount codes when they’re working with brands and they come in handy when you’re shopping from a particular website. I know there’s a few websites out there that have discount codes such as Retail Me Not and Honey. My mom told me about Honey, but I haven’t used it just yet (I’ll keep you updated on that.)
  4. Be Aware Of The Website’s Return Policy: Always know a brand’s return policy because you may get buyer’s regret and the brand’s policy may be final sale on all items or 14 days and the 16th day you don’t like the item.
  5. Use A Credit Card: Using a credit card is safer then using your debit card only because credit card companies hold the money for a few days before it actually gets taken out of your account.

Those are 5 tips I use when I online shop and hopefully they help you all when you’re shopping too!


Paige Alexis

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