A Look Inspired By a TV Character

Carrie Bradshaw has been one of my favorite TV characters since forever ago. I always felt like she had a great sense of style and always knew a lot about men haha! She has so many memorable fashion moments from each episode that I can’t even count which ones are my favorite. There is one that stood out to me and it was the Dior newspaper dress look that she wore in the second movie.

For this post, I decided to recreate that look but a more affordable version. When it came to the dress, I tried find something similar. I ended up purchasing a body con newspaper dress, instead of something with more of a flow to it. The shoes, now the shoes, you know had to be Louboutin just like the Queen of Fashion herself. In the movie, Carrie accessorizes with a white clutch with silver detailing; I opted for a silver, drawstring clutch. I decided to add an orange trench coat for a little more of a fall vibe. Minus, the shoes I ended up spending $50 dollars. Wow, I conquered recreating a celebrity’s look and shopped on a budget haha!

Hope you like it!


Paige Alexis

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    Love the article and the look!


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