7 Things I’ve Learned Living In Miami

Wow! I can’t even believe it’s been 7 years since I left Pennsylvania to come to Miami. In August of 2012, I had moved to Miami and started my college career. After4 years, I graduated and decided to stay here because I knew since I wanted to work in fashion that wouldn’t happen in PA.

Since it’s been 7 years of me living in this wonderful place I thought I’d share with you guys a 7 things I’ve learned about living in Miami:

  1. 98% of people in Miami know Spanish (I actually learned more Spanish now than I did in high school and college haha.)
  2. Always carry an umbrella because you never know when it’s going to down pour for 5 minutes.
  3. South Beach is for the tourists… (so much easier just relaxing at the pool in my apartment complex.)
  4. No one in Miami knows how to drive!
  5. Everyone is always late.. It’s called Miami time, people.
  6. There are so many different types of food that you’re going to want to try them all. (At least, you’ll finally be putting that gym membership to work haha!)
  7. You won’t ever want to leave!

I am so happy that I am able to call Miami my home. I’ve met so many amazing people, that have turned into friends. I was able to start my fashion blog here and embrace my style! Yes, there have been some downs, but those downs have turned into ups more times than I can count. I know there is still so much more I have yet to experience from Miami and I cannot even wait.


Paige Alexis

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  • I love your style and your blogs! Love you Paige Alexis!


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