Love Lost

It’s been a year since I was in a relationship and honestly, I’ve learned so much about myself since then.

I didn’t go looking for love when I was in my past relationship, it just happened. One minute, we are just texting and talking on the phone and the next, we were spending all our time with each other.

It’s funny because you’re so happy and everything is going really well and then all of sudden you slowly start to feel like things are changing. But, me, I ignored all those signs of things changing and kept pushing them to side…Sometimes I wish I didn’t ignore them because I could’ve at least stopped myself from being as hurt and angry as I was.

But here we are now, a year has passed. Yes, there were times where I felt like I needed to be with someone because my friends were all in relationships or getting engaged. I guess you can say I felt left out, but I started to realize that it’s their time to shine and be happy. It’s my time to buckle down and focus on my goals. Here I am, healing and learning more about my self each day. I’m embracing my style more than I ever have before. I’m speaking up about things that don’t sit right with me, I’m learning more and more about my stylist skills. I’m happy with who I am becoming.



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