Not Another Neon Look

One of the biggest trends that I have seen this season is neon! I have seen it everywhere from shoes and clothes to nails and hair. As I spoke about in my last post, I styled a neon denim jacket and pants set with a cheetah print top. I decided to keep the same feel for this look as well; neon and animal print!

A Miami Blogger, by the name of Kenjay, actually recommended that I try out the neon trend with zebra print. What do you know, it was a hit! I purchased a zebra dress and put a neon skirt (my skirt is all sold out) over it, so the dress acted more like a top. For shoes, I wore the Paris from After 5 Klassy Shoes. Of course, my hair was neon too so that I basically was the cherry on top of the whole look.

I felt like a neon princess while wearing this look in NYC. I hope the neon trend never goes away because I will be so disappointed but then again we all know fashion trends change every day.

Hope you all love this look!


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