My Experience with After 5 Klassy Shoes

Hey Guys!

One thing I lacked in my closet is a basic pair of black heels or even pumps. I actually have a pair but the store didn’t have my size, so I had to buy the size up (I know tragic, right haha?). Since that pair is just collecting dust in my closet, it was time to find a new pair. Luckily, the owner, of After 5 Klassy shoes reached out to me to do a review on a pair of their shoes.

After 5 Klassy is an online website based in the Chicago, Illinois area. They are an affordable brand; the prices range from about $20-40 before taxes and shipping. The shoe I had chose was the “Julie”. Here’s a few details about my girl, Julie:

  • comfortable
  • simple, yet trendy
  • about a 3.5/4 in.
  • clear, block heel
  • gold buckle detailing

Now I’m usually all for a skinny heel, but sometimes it’s good to have a blocked heel for the extra bit of support. Let’s talk, size. I had originally asked for a 6 1/2 and it was sold out. Thank the Lord, I didn’t get it because the 6 is good for my foot. Now I do have a little bit a room in the back, where my heel is, but going down a size would’ve been too small and my toes would’ve been coming off of the shoe. I work in heels 8 hours and by the time, I get home I’m dying for a foot massage. I wore the Julie for at least half the day and didn’t have one complaint.

Here’s some of my issues: shipping! I was actually supposed to receive these shoes in January, but USPS is a pain the butt and then other things popped up in my life that had to push back the shipping date, since I wasn’t going to be home.

Another issue, I had was with the styles that were offered. I do have to say that, Julie, was one that caught my eye and possibly 1 or 2 more styles. I feel as though the brand needs to keep up with the shoe trends that are in season. Don’t get me wrong, After 5 Klassy shoes has unique pieces but a few of the styles are a little out dated to me. I did see they have some amazing new styles coming soon though, so I can’t wait to for those to be on the website!

At the end of it all, I’m beyond happy with the Julie. It fits my fashionable lifestyle and I’ll be wearing it to dinner on Sunday (;



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  • Love neon look and also the neon hair. I am very pleased your look! Another good choice!


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