Conquering Gravity in the Gravitissima

The Gravitissima, the newest boot in my collection. Can you say fabulous or what ? I died when I saw these boots in the store. Of course, I had to try them on and before you know it, they were in a shopping bag. The boots have a 4 inch heel and a spandex like material, so if you plan on wearing them in 80 degree whether don’t because it wasn’t a great experience getting them off after haha.They are thigh boots, so on us short people they go all the way up your thigh, hunny!

Now we all know Louboutin aren’t that comfy, but these boots are actually comfortable wearing for hours. These boots definitely made a statement during my photoshoot because people were turning their heads left and right and giving me compliments. The boot’s print, which is called, Wallgraf is inspired by modern day street art and urban energy. The boot is too colorful for words!

I honestly had no idea what to wear with them at first and then I got some random inspiration! I wore the boots with a low cut kimono dress and accessorized with a gold cage bag and sunglasses.


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