DIY Flowered Boots From Zara

Have y’all ever come up with a creative idea in a bubble bath while drinking a wine? Well, I have! It seems to me that sometimes all my ideas for coming up with outfits have popped in my mind when I’m relaxing in my bubble bath after work with a glass of wine. Let me get to the real topic of this post…

I purchased these Zara boots about a year ago and they have been sitting in my closet ever since. There’s only two reasons for that: 1. because they came up all the way up my leg and I’m so short 2. I had nothing to wear with. These boots actually sold out once and I kept checking the website to see if they would restock and the one day they did, I just purchased them and called it a day. I actually attempted to take them to a shoe cobbler to see if they could be taken in or shortened, but on my way there I got called into work earlier than expected (my luck right.) While enjoying my bubble bath, I got an idea for this outfit and then another bright idea to cut these beauties. Now they fit me just fine!

For a girl, who doesn’t love flowers, I’m obsessed with the roses print on these boots and they’re my favorite color, blue! I wore these boots with a shirt dress and layered it with a lace-up crop top. I accessorized with cat eye sunglasses and a square black bag from ASOS.

Hope you like it!!


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