First Shein Purchase

You ever feel like you always order from the same websites? If you agree, then you know how I felt when I wanted to try out a new website. The website I decided to try out was I’ve always seen advertisements of Shein and I’ve seen local bloggers wearing their clothes. I didn’t really decide to order from them until a local fashion blogger by the name of Michelle sent me an item that looked similar to a skirt I had worn. I clicked the website, started browsing and I was hooked. They have clothes, accessories, home stuff and more!

It took me a few pages to find something that I really liked and it’s only because I like unique pieces. I found this graphic print skirt and it immediately reminded me of Zendaya’s Moschino dress that she wore to the Greatest Showman premier in Australia. I knew I had to have it ! I chose 2nd day shipping and the price was $12.90 only because I needed it ASAP for my shoot, which was the beginning of the next week. It took 3 days to arrive. The size small fit pretty good; I may only have to get it taken in about 1/2 an inch.

I styled the skirt with a white blouse, but I decided to only button up the shirt half way and wear it off my shoulders. I accessorized with a watch and a black purse. I wanted to keep it simple since the skirt already said it all haha!

Hope you like it 🙂

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