Recreating Zendaya’s Look On A Budget Friendly Way

When I came back from NY, I was laying on my couch trying to come up with ideas for my next blog post. I was looking through my blog notebook (yes, I have a notebook for my blog ideas) and I came across an idea I wrote down months ago. It was “Recreate a Celebrity’s Look (Budget Friendly).” Now I just had to figure out whose look I was going to recreate.

We all know Zendaya is one of my favorite celebrities, especially when it comes to fashion. Of course, I choose her! It took me a while to figure out though which look I was going to recreate until I scrolled passed her plaid Michael Kors set she wore on Good Morning America in 2017. I had just purchased a plaid dress from Zara and well your girl got to thinking.

I decided to recreate her look by using my plaid dress, which only cost 69.90 before tax. I started digging through my closet for shoes 1. to go with the dress  2. were a little similar to hers and 3. were affordable and  of course, I couldn’t find anything out of the 200 pairs I have. I ended up buying the Sevoivia last minute, as always. For accessories, I wore my gold-tone watch and a few gold rings. I didn’t wear a necklace and I know I should’ve, so my bad folks. The goal was to only spend $100, but clearly I went over after buying the shoes. The estimated total that I spent for this look was $180 and that just includes the shoes and the dress. I promise next time I will be spot on with the budget!

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  • Gorgeous!!!

  • Looking good. Who would think a plaid dress could look sexy. Another great outfit!!!!

    Love You.


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