3 Different Ways I Styled the Bibariellita from Christian Louboutin

First off, I want to say Happy May! It’s definitely been a while. since I last wrote a blog post.

Spring is here and of course, that means I need to find the perfect summer shoe ๐Ÿ˜‰

For the first outfit, I wanted to kind give you guys more of a comfy casual look. I style the Bibariellita 160 with tan a white T-shirt layered with a black blazer and for pants I wore tan joggers. I decided to accessorize with a white belt on top of the blazer and of course, my cat eye sunglasses (I know you guys are probably sick of seeing them by now haha.)

Secondly, I was never one to mix and match prints together, but I thought I’d try it out. I wore a simple black dress (similar one is linked) and put on a Jacquard slim coat that had a floral print over it. Due to my shoes and coat already standing out, I accessorized with small gold hoops and gold stud earrings. When it came to this outfit, I kept going back and forth on whether this outfit was going to look good. Every time I asked people their opinions, it was either “No, that won’t work” or “Ew.” I then thought to myself that I shouldn’t care about people’s opinions because I want my style to show me and who I am. In the end, the outfit came out just the way I pictured it.


When it came to the last outfit, I used the same concept of mixing matching prints. This time I felt like mixing stripes with polka dots was a must. I styled the wedges with a stripe tie front blouse and wide legged jeansย with a fray detail at the bottom (linked similar ones) and cat eye sunglasses. I really wanted to give you guys a casual day time look for a brunch, shopping day or just hanging out with the girls.

ย ย 

Hope you all like it ! (:

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  • I love the mixed patterns, the casual look is great, and the shoes are something else. I love them, but oh your poor feet. You have a wonderful sense of style and it become more impressive with each

    Love you and miss you.


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