Novex Hair Care: Mystic Black Review

Hey Everyone!

A few weeks ago, I was sent Novex Hair Care Products and it caught me by surprise because I had no idea I was receiving them. The products I received are from their new line called Mystic Black. The Mystic Black line has a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, a leave in conditioner, and an oil. The day I received them, I started using the products that night haha (I was too excited to not use them.)

When I started to wash my hair with the shampoo, the first thing I notice was the smell. The smell was delightfully sweet; it wasn’t too strong nor weak. It reminded me a little bit of fruits and I love fruits and great smelling hair care products haha! Anyway, I shampooed my hair 3 times because I knew it needed a great washing. After that, I used the conditioner and let it sit for 2 minutes. Lastly, I used the leave-in conditioner to style my hair. The only product I haven’t used yet is the hair mask.

Since using the Novel Hair Care: Mystic Black products, I have noticed that my hair is a lot softer than it used to be. My hair has more volume and definition than before like I have a full afro with perfect curls now. Due to me living in Miami and it always being super hot, my hair would frizz as soon as I walked outside and now I rarely see it frizz anymore. Thanks to Novex Hair Care: Mystic Black line I’m loving my hair more and more 🙂

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  • Your hair looks great!!!!! Love you!!!!


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