Renee Pom Pom Sandals

Hey guys!

I’ve been seeing tons of purple these past few months and that’s because it’s the Panetone Color of the Year. Due to this, I had to add some purple to my shoe collection and always it took me a while to find the right pair.

I found a pair when I was browsing through Topshop’s website. They are called the “Renee Pom Pom Sandals.” The Renee Pom Pom Sandals remind of the 90s because I used to play with those pom pom balls. Being that I’m very indecisive, I kept going back and forth on whether I should purchase these or not; I just wanted to make sure I had an outfit before I spend money. Once I made my decision, I purchased the 6 1/2 because I know the 7 1/2 would be way too big. Now it does fit a snug on my toe box and my foot fits PERFECTLY on the shoe, it doesn’t hang off the shoe at all.

I styled my Renee Pom Pom Sandals with the Tartan Check Pelmet Skirt and a mesh mock neck tee (it’s now on sale!) I layered with a leather crop top from H&M. These shoes fit my personality they are fashion, fun, and to me a little flirty. If I had to rate the comfort level of the sandals, I would rate it on a scale of 1-5. My rating would be 4. Like I mentioned earlier, they are a snug around my toe box but they are easy to walk in (if you’re a heel person.) The Renee Pom Pom Sandals are heels that make a statement and I’m always down for that.

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  • You look stunning Paige love the Pom Pom sandals Love Ya!!

  • Thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Keep writing.


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