Direct Pointy Sock Boots by Public Desire

Hey Everyone!

Other than buying shoes from Zara, Louboutin and Steve Madden, I decided to try a different brand. The brand is called Public Desire and they are based out of the UK. I’ve been checking out the brand for a while, but ordering internationally has always made me a tad bit nervous. The shoes they sell on the website are chic and affordable.

I had my eye on a pair of boots on Public Desire for months and I was so in love that I would check the website every day to see if they still had them. Then one day, I thought to myself what the heck, just order the stinking boots haha. I was skeptical on whether I should order a 36 or 37, so I went with a 37. The shipping process was the longest process ever and I’m assuming that’s because it’s international shipping, but still. I got so impatient waiting, I even contacted their customer service to see where my package was and FYI I choose ground shipping. The customer service was great help!

Once I received the Direct Pointy Sock Boots, I was beyond happy. I realized I should have ordered the 36 because it is a little big around my ankle and I have some room inside of the boot. In my mind, I guess it’s better to have more room than to be super snug. Now I know for next time to go with the 36 then it comes to their boots. I styled the boots with a patent skirt , a graphic T-shirt, a ruffled blouse and sunglasses.

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