Sequin Boots

Sequin, sequin, sequin and more sequin! Clearly, this time of year we just can’t get enough of sequin. It’s literally everywhere go and that’s not a bad thing.

Since sequin is a popular trend at the moment, I started going through my closet and I realized I was missing an item. Sequin boots! I immediately went on the hunt for some because I just needed a pair and my closet would be complete this year. After shopping around for a while, I found a pair of Christian Louboutin boots called the Louise X. The ultimate sequin boot I could find! The best part about it is that it changes from a black to silver sequin. I could easily switch up my look with these boots! They are a 4 inch boot with a zipper on the on the inside near the ankle. The boot is form-fitting and hugs your leg in all the right places. It is a thigh high boot so on me, it goes up.

I really could not wait to wear these beauties! I styled them with some denim shorts, a black turtle neck and a statement coat. You better believe that I haven’t stopped wearing these either! I’m so in love haha!

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  • l love the boots!! The whole outfit is great! You have the unique ability to coordinate an outfit with one central piece and build on it . Not only the boots, the coat is also outstanding.
    I am impressed with your talent.


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