Shining Through Fall Season

Hey Everyone!

Finally Fall/Winter season is here !! Well for me, not really because I live in Miami. It’ll probably be warm and rain a lot, like it always does or just be super humid and warm.

From doing tons of research and looking through all the Fashion Week photos, one trend that I saw a lot of was sequin. I remember having tons of sequin in my closet all through out middle school and those sequin purses that were popular (well, at least were I’m from they were popular haha.) My love for sequin was strong back then.

According to the article by Who What Wear, the history of sequence dates all the way back to King Tut. How cool is that, sequin has been around for that long! Crazy, right?! The trend has come and gone and is back in action, we have seen designers set the bar for the trend such as Gucci, Halpern, Marc Jacobs and many more. Having a sequin item in your closet this season is a must, whether it’s a dress, shirt or even an accessory. It’s a piece that’s going to make you stand out wherever you are.

When I was putting on this dress, I knew it already made a statement. I kept it simple by wearing my all white boots and accessorized with some white sunglasses .

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