On Sundays We Wear Pink

Hey Everyone!

“On Sundays We Wear Pink” or as you know the real saying “On Wednesdays we wear pink”; a saying from a 2004 teen comedy classic…Mean Girls. Let’s be honest now, I know we all wore pink on Wednesdays after we saw this movie. I remember all throughout high school, my friends and I did it haha. It turned into a ritual and people at my high school back home are still going strong with the trend.

Anyway, let’s get down to business! I have NEVER been a fan of the color pink, even when I was little. My favorite color is blue and it’s always been blue. A few days ago, as I was looking through my closet for outfits to style for my next shoot, I found this hot pink, circle skirt. I’ve had this skirt since I was a sophomore in college. I remember my mom bought it because I had to dress up for my business class and then after 3 weeks into the class, we all gave up on dressing up. With all that being said, I’ve never worn it. I realized I need to give this little number a chance.

Before going to work the other day, I walked into HM and walked through the store to see if I can find a few tops to go with this skirt. I found two, but only this pink, statement sleeve blouse made it to the final round haha. I, also purchased a few accessories. I knew the shirt I purchased was going to bring everything together and well here we are.

I styled my pink skirt with my statement sleeve blouse and white leather boots. I accessorized with a vintage clutch, rings, and a necklace. Let me know what you guys think!

Comments (4)

  • You look stunning Paige love your hair Good Luck

  • You look great Paige! I have kinda rebelled this month on wearing of the Pink (for breast cancer) so much more research is needed for Stage IV. But enough about that- I love the way you put the look together and I especially love the bell sleeves that are making a comeback. The little booties look great with this outfit also! Keep up the good work and beautiful stylings ! Hugs!

  • Pretty in Pink! The out fit has a look of sophistication,love the accessories! Keep up the good work. Oh by the way I love your hair!
    Love you and miss you .

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