Located at 6500 NE 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33138 is a boutique called “Swish.” Swish is a place, where you can go to find all of your vintage trends. Since I’ve been taking an interest in vintage pieces lately, finding Swish Boutique was a sign. I scrolled through their Instagram feed and found this cheongsam dress made of satin. It was love at first sight, if I do say so myself.

When I put on this dress one word came to mind: “adventure.” Adventure (n): participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises. I need to take part in more adventures, whether it’s here in MIA going kayaking or learning to cook in Italy. Life is so short and we don’t realize how fast it goes by, that is why we need to live every day to the fullest. There is so much beauty in this world that we need to take in and appreciate. Starting today, I vow to take more adventures.

This dress was a bit big on me, so it had to be tailored because I’m so skinny. I love it because it has culture tied into it. Don’t worry I did my research on this dress and the cheongsam is a very popular dress in China. Traditionally made of silk, cotton or linen. The dress has evolved more today to show off the female body. I styled this dress with gold heels and a small gold bracelet. I kept it simple because the dress already says so much on its own.

Hope you like it!



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  • Looks gorgeous on you Paige! Love the color!

  • Beautiful! Love the dress!!


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