Shop A Complete Outfit On A Budget

Being that I’ve been only out of college for a year, the struggle is still real. Yes, I’m “adulting” and it’s not as fun as you think. I have to pay rent, bills, and don’t even get me started with student loans. With the money I have left, I usually try my best to split it between shopping and groceries. I thought this would be a good time to give myself a budget when I go to the mall.

I decided to take a trip to Aventura Mall and visit a few stores to see what I can find. My budget for my time being there was $100.00 and I couldn’t go over. The first store I walked into was H&M (turned out to be the only store haha) and as soon as I walked in, multiple pieces caught my eye. The hard part about shopping on budget is your budget because sometimes when you see pieces you love, you want to purchase them all.

This patent skirt was the first thing I saw, I immediately grabbed my size to try on. My whole idea was to make an outfit with my budget of $100.00. As I walked around, I pulled a few more items off of the racks to try on. While walking to the dressing room, I spotted this top. It kind of reminded me of the movie, “Beetlejuice.” Don’t ask me why, it’s just what popped in my head at the time haha. I took it off the rack and brought it to the dressing room with me.

I tried on all the items and came out with this outfit below. I added up what my total might be and I still had some money left to accessorize. I found this yellow hand bag for $17.99 to brighten the outfit up and some stylish rings, as well. When I got to the register my total was $94.14. I felt accomplished because now I know I can find outfits on a budget.

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  • Love your wardrobes, every single one by our so hip! . I would love for you to do a wardrobe make over for me. I hate shopping.

    • Typo. Your so hip with your styles.

  • I love this outfit also, you look great. Your sense of style is wonderful.

    Love you.


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