Floral Prints

I’ve never really been a fan of printed tops or pants, let’s just say prints in general. Oh gosh if the print was floral, I wouldn’t even go near it. I just stayed away from anything with some type of print. Don’t ask me why I hated prints because I really don’t know. Flowers aren’t really my cup of tea, I guess you would say and because of that I just stayed away with anything with a flower(s) on it. Until, now…

Being a fashion blogger, my style has definitely changed in more ways then one. I, also, feel that when you’re a fashion blogger you have to be willing to at least try different things even if that means trying an item that you wouldn’t normally wear.

On my day off a week and half ago, I was actually browsing the internet to try to spark my brain for my next blog post idea. While I browsing, I found myself on H&M’s website and you guys already know what happened next. I bought new clothes; I purchased an off-white pair of denim jeans and this off-the shoulder top. When I first saw this top I didn’t think I was going to like it because it was a print and the print was floral. I knew I had to try it though because I didn’t want to be one of those people who see an item and then regret not buying it three days later. As soon as it came in the mail, I tried it on and instantly fell in love. It zippers in the back with button at the top and on each arm is a ruffled sleeve. In the middle of the top, the fabric gathers together. I paired it with my silver, metallic skirt from TopShop, Navy heels from Steve Madden, and I accessorized with my jewelry from Cheap Luck Co.

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