Outfit Challenge

Happy June everyone!

Did you any of you guys ever buy something that you’ve rarely worn? Well, I have and whatever item I purchase (if I don’t wear it right away) will sit in my closet for months. I decided to do this challenge called the “Outfit Challenge.” All you have to do it go in your closet and pick out an item that you’ve never worn or rarely worn and come up with an outfit.  I choose this pleated, black skirt from Alexis Nicole’s line “Mafia.” I purchased it a few months back, but it has just been sitting in my closet because I’ve had a tough time making outfits with it. Every time I tried I didn’t like the way it looked. After a couple days, I finally found an outfit. I paired the skirt with a black, ruffled shirt from H&M, white Croc Boots from Topshop and accessorized with a necklace from Bebe.


Let me know what you guys think (;

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  • Very stylish and smart. Your accessories take a classic look into modern fashion. Love everything about it.
    Love You,
    Grandma Judy

  • Guuuuuurl! I love your style! 😘


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