May The Force Be With You


Let’s face it I’ve never really been the girl, who’s into sneakers. I haven’t been a sneaker fan since my middle school days and even then, my sneaker game wasn’t great. I have three go to stores for my sneakers: Adidas, Champs, and Six:02, but I felt it was time I needed a different vibe or a change of scenery, if you would. I traveled to the famous Collins Ave for as it would be known as, my first trip to the Kith store, well my first time in a Kith store in general. Earlier in the week, I had found a pair of Nike Air Force 1 High SE’s that caught my eye and I had to see if they were sold at the store.  Guess what? They had them in the maroon color and the black.



I know these Air Force 1 Hi SE “Nigh Maroon’s” were released this past September, but I’m trying to learn more about the sneaker game.  The “Night Maroon’s” have a removable strap, that is versatile. The burgundy color covers the entirety of the shoe and is more of a fall color, but to me you can still get away with it no matter the season. The tan gum sole gave me that extra boost because you guys know how much I love getting those few more inches or so of height since I’m so short. The laces of the shoe can be tied or you can keep them loose, everyone has a different preference.  I love this shoe because you can keep it casual or dress it up.



Check out Kith’s website for more awesome kicks, clothing, and more !

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  • This post is very nice, I love what you’re doing with your blog and definitely look forward to see what else you have in stored for us the viewers

  • Love your blog and pics. Very classy!
    Are you getting into designing?


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