Allure Showroom: Meet The Designer Julian Chang

On Thursday night, I attended an event called Meet the Designer: Julian Chang at Allure Showroom. Allure Showroom is a luxury based wholesaler that specializes in contemporary glam. The showroom works with brands such as Abyss by Abby, Baccio Couture, Sara Boo, Savee: Laguna Beach, and more.


The event was focused on showing off Julian Chang’s Miami collection and showing off the collection of designers they already work with. Julian Chang is from Peru and always had a passion for fashion. When he came to the United States, he graduated from The Art Institute of Miami with a degree in fashion design. Ever since then, he has been creating designs and dressing celebrities from all over the world.


When I first arrived at the event, I was super nervous because I knew I wasn’t going to know anyone and had to break out of my shell. The event was set up to where each designer’s collection had a different space. The guests got to converse over some food and bubbles (champagne), while also getting familiar with each collection, especially Julian’s. I got the chance to chat with the Sales and Marketing Manager of Allure Showroom; she was a sweetheart.




Julian’s collection was to die for. It was sophisticated, but yet still gave you that Miami lifestyle vibe. Through his Miami Collection, you got see how Miami inspires his collection, as well as how talented he is. Clients and guests got to try on pieces from his collection and others too. I tried on a dress from Savee: Laguna Beach and I loved it so much. I made it my first purchase from Allure Showroom. I am beyond excited to wear it.


Overall, for my first event as a blogger, this event was amazing opportunity to shop and network. What’s better than planning for your future and shopping? The ladies of Allure Showroom definitely put together a successful event. Thank You for letting me attend!


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  • so happy for you paige!


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